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Arriving in Bermuda

“Ding , you are free to get up”, the stewardess said on the intercom. I didn’t even notice that she was speaking because I was so absorbed in the view outside my window. Turquoise water on one side Buildings with white stone roofs, and houses of all sorts of bright colors. The roofs here are white stone because they need to withstand hurricanes and storms, white so that the sun doesn’t hurt it.

Things were moving and I had to detach myself from one of the best views I have ever seen.”Bye thank you for flying with us”, the stewardess said right before I stepped out into the brilliant sunshine ( it was a clear day ). This airport even though it is international was really small. Instead of having a “walkway” come out to the plane door we had go down a staircase then walk on the tarmac into the airport, which is totally awesome.

Customs took a million years to get through. There were two people working for some 500 people who had all come in at the same time, our plane at the end. There were people of all sorts there; sailors, business men, Bermudians in their special outfits, and tourists there for the sunshine. When we got to the front of the line I saw that there was  picture of Queen Elizabeth on the left side and a picture of Bermuda in front of me. It was magical.

At the door there was a taxi driver who a sign with my mom’s name on it. We followed him out to the cab. There was a sea of taxis out there and they all look the same. An S.U.V. with seats facing each other, almost flat front and a black guy sitting in the drivers seat. We climbed in and started rolling forward. The ride was amazing, colors, people, and cities went by. A lot of people on scooters whizzing past us. Beaches on either side, it was paradise.


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