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Bermuda Day 2 – Visit to Hamilton

Today we visited Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda. Buzzing away on our scooter past houses an beaches I finally set eyes on Hamilton. It is a beautiful town, tall buildings on one side of the road and beaches with yacht clubs on the other. One of the yacht clubs my friend sails out of.

We parked our scooter in a “designated scooter zone” and left it there with our helmets. We first went into a a small bookstore called Bermuda Books. It had all my favorite series  and new books that haven’t come out yet in the U.S.A. and more types like guide books, atlases, and others that I did not checkout.

Then we went into the Irish linen shop which my mom went to when she was here almost 30 years ago. It had little house decorations and paper weights all around the shop. Upstairs there was kids section but all the stuff was for kids younger than me. I wonder what this place was like when my grandparents lived here.

Next we went to the English Sports Shop to look for some Bermuda shorts. They didn’t have the shorts, but they did have the traditional long socks men wear, I got a pair just for the fun of it. The only things they had for kids were school uniforms, that’s what kids wear most of the time. They had hats and sweaters and other things downstairs. That’s what I got my mom and uncle. I wonder if it was here back then.

We went to the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club where the Queen comes to visit. It’s true one of my friends’ dad met the Queen and was Commodore of the yacht club. It’s the best yacht club that I have ever been to. It had a Prince Albert room to the left of the walkway where all the famous Bermudan trophies are held. That room was my favorite in the entire yacht club. It had the bar and docks spanned out on the other side of the yacht club. My coach used to work there. I want to win one of those trophies one day.

Then we picked up our scooter and went on to view the place/island my grand parents used to live on. I love Hamilton.


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