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Bermuda Storm Day 3

As always, to make a trip to an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean you have to have a Hurricane to complete the trip. My team and I were supposed to sail in the storm today but things got messy. But we did however have to take our boats out of the shipping container they were in. My mom suffered badly from this.

That same container as we were taking boats out a surprise shift of 60 mph caught the door my mom was holding and smacked her straight into the curb. 20 minutes later the ambulance came and took my mom away to a hospital  that gave her 5 stitches. She was basically unable to move around after that. Not fun on a vacation huh?

Later we had dinner with the family that had taken care of my mother before she was went to the doctors. Sailing was canceled that day.

The next night: My mother and I had random power outages every 20 minutes the longest lasting hours, the house would be shining and then “zzzt” and the power was out again. This kept happening over and again and I started to feel like the ghosts were trying to get in. I clung to my mom and we went back in time to when they had no electricity and we carried candles everywhere. We enjoyed a movie because there was no light to read with and the computer had a full battery charge. I bet they, the Bermudians,  are used to it.


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