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Bermuda Day 4 – Maritime History

Today I visited the Bermuda Maritime Museum. It is one of the oldest structures on the island. It has been in use up to the end of WWII, then it became a museum. When you first walk in you will see a courtyard with a replica of the head of the ship that discovered Bermuda, it is a statue of Neptune. The shipwreck is on the Bermudan flag.

Then we walked up to the sheep gardens and there were sheep up there and tons of stuff they left behind. I never got to pet them I would have liked to. Then we went to visit a 100 year old yacht named Dainty. It won the Bermuda cup but then was sunk in Hurricane Emily. The owners couldn’t pay to fix it so they donated it to the museum and the museum fixed but put on display and didn’t sail it ever again. I think they should take it out and restore its pride.

Next we went to part of the jail. There were a couple cells in there but the most odd thing was that there was a narrow hall way, so narrow I could barely get through, that didn’t lead any where. I guess that it was to safely look in at what prisoners were doing.

Then we went to look at the ominous cannons that stood perched on a wall ready fire at anything. Those cannons must have shot the death ball because it must have shot a ball twice the size of my head at 100 mph at a wooden ship, don’t you think that would have killed it?

Next we went into where all the meetings were held by the Navy. On the first floor there were artifacts from WWII, machine guns, cannons, medals, and much more. On the second floor there were things about slaves and my favorite room about the Bermuda race. That room is where they had things from the race, trophies, badges, and pictures. Pictures of the first boat finishing, some of the ones that didn’t make it, some that told the history of the race.

On the next floor there were all the meeting rooms with china cabinets in them (some of that china I found on the beach). I was amazed at how long the tables were, I wonder if my Grandfather sat at one of those chairs. There was a room that I discovered, a room filled with rare Navy books – that was my 2nd favorite room in that building. I wonder who had used those books before.

We again sped off into the wilderness of Bermuda (like there is one :))


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