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Bermuda Day 5 – Regatta Results

I just had the last day of a really hard regatta with over 60 boats on the starting line. I did moderately well with 33 over 62 boats. I felt really bad about this, but my coach said,”You have bigger things to do well in, like team trials – this is just more training.” That made me feel better and made me do well today with all top 25’s. I think I could have done better that.

On the 2nd day (first day was canceled because of hurricane) the wind had died down to ten knots, so me being a light sailor that should have been paradise. In that wind I should have rocked, but the start became a battle field- from the black flag (dsq) to evil people taking my air, leaving me to wither and die. Luckily I got out of that and even on my worst starts I did okay.

Then we came back into the harbor battered and hungry, awards were going to be at 5:00. I de-rigged my boat super fast so I could get to those nice warm clothes. “Ah it feels so good to dry again”, I said while I was putting on a super big shirt. After that I went to see how many places I had advanced. One place, that’s is how much I moved up from misery, one place behind the person I wanted to beat most. I could have screamed at my score pleading it to change to what I thought I did. Awards, sitting next to some Canadian friends, were hard to bear, and I didn’t get anything which really sucked. I watched all these happy faces as they went up there to collect trophies, then I thought of my friend who had missed being the Bermuda National Champion by 3 points, that must’ve really sucked.

Not the best regatta I’ve had, but I will do better next time.


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