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Sighting the International Space Station

A couple nights ago we were walking our dog when a jogger told us in passing that the International Space Station would be visible flying across the heavens in the night sky at 8:25 that evening.  We decided to come back out after 8 and have a look.

Given its speed, it would only take a minute until it would disappear behind the Oakland Hills so we would have to pay close attention.

I had not seen the space station in my whole entire life so I was not sure what to look for. I watched the time closely on my watch until finally the time was right and the space station really appeared!  A gleaming white star that was shaped like a “T”  hung over the sky for the most amazing minute ever.  It was so cool.  Just the fact that you could see it from your backyard made it so real for something that  I knew was the International Space Station.

Here is a picture of The International Space Station in SPACE

The International Space Station


Wrightspeed X1 – Electric Car Wins Over Ferrari

My friend Matthew Wright’s dad, Ian Wright used to work for Tesla Motors.  He quit Tesla to make his own car the X1.  The X1 is a high performance battery powered car.  If it used gasoline, it would get over 170 miles per gallon.  But this car is also really really fast.  It will go from 0-60 miles per hour in 3.07 seconds!  It beat a Ferrari and a Porche on a racetrack.  Watch the video and see for yourself.

It’s secret is its drivesystem technology which Mr. Wright has developed.  His company’s name is Wrightspeed.  If you want to read all about the X1 go to his website. I have seen the X1 in it’s garage, its awesome.  Here are some up close pictures.

IMG_0406Here is Matthew, Flossie and Mr. Wright with me in the garage.  Next time  I visit, I get to ride in the X1.IMG_0404

I am going to see Matthew this weekend, we are both sailing in the Bays 5 Regatta.  I will write about the regatta next week.

The Volvo Ocean Race

The Volvo Ocean race is a sailing race that races around the world.  There have been many companies that have put in a lot money up to build a fast boat, many of them have been quite successful in the past.

Picture 8

These are the contestants and the race results for the Volvo Ocean Race 2008-2009 .  The next race is in 2011-2012.

It is an amazing race with swells are as big as a house and winds of up to 40 knots.  I know of one boat that raced in 2005-2006m the team ABN Amro boat. I have a watch from the race, the strap is made from the material of the sails. Click here to look at the Volvo Ocean Race site .


Hurricane Gold – a Young Bond Adventure


I  have read all of the books in the Young Bond series so far.  This book is the most thrilling that I have read.  (For those of you who don’t know the series, the books are about teenage James Bond’s adventures while he is still a student at Eton – before becoming 007).

The story begins with young James Bond on vacation in Mexico.  His aunt (guardian) has taken him to an island called Lagrimas, where some of her friends live.  Soon a terrible storm, a hurricane, sets in. In the storm, thieves rob the home of the wealthy father of two kids where James is visiting.  James and his two friends witness the robbery and are kidnapped. 

Still on the island, they are forced to travel with the thieves until they finally find a chance to escape.  After a night in the wild, a stranger offers them the perfect shelter, or so they think. Their host turns out to be the evil leader of a band of criminals, and the shelter is The Avenue of Death.  This is a deadly maze where nobody gets through alive … unless perhaps you are James Bond.

A great page turner!

The Green Prince – Part 1

There once lived a prince who was running away from the tall white castle and into the deep woods. He was heading towards the valley of the Evil-O-Fog. He had never left the grounds of the castle all his life which were full of danger.  His father the King had been murdered, and he feared for his own life from his evil Uncle.  All  at once, he started gasping for air while his face and body started turning into a green toad.   Moving around frantically, he hopped over a something strange and looked around.  All he saw was a bright green shamrock on the ground next to a small green person – whom he learned was a leprechaun.   He turned to the leprechaun and bellowed a large sound and started saying, “help me out of this spell of the green- O-Fog”.  The little man turned and mumbled, “anything for an adventure”.   The toad Prince now started hoping around and remembered something …  something important.  When he was very small, his father the King had told him of a magic green pot of solid gold shamrocks hidden deep in the Evil-O-Fog.  At the bottom of this pot was the key to undo any spells from the O-Fog.  Without this, he could not return to his human form and avenge his father’s death and become a kind and fair King.  He would need help from the leprechaun to find this pot of gold, as leprechauns are very good at finding gold.  But first he would have to hide from his evil Uncle.  13067_handsome_frog_prince_wearing_a_crown


Stay tuned for more.

My Different Hundredth Day of School

Last Wednesday my class and I had our hundredth day of school.  We did a lot of crafts and played fun games.  This is how I would change our hundredth day.

I would change one of our games to be about cars. The first game that did pop into my head was about  naming parts to a machine.  Most of the machines would be cars. Each of my classmates would name a car and we would name one hundred parts to it.  

Next, we would go to the kitchen and  make anything we want.  We could choose from one hundred different snacks.  During recess we would play one more game.  The game would be a lot like a game we all like called capture the flag, a tag-like game.  Then the 2nd grade would leave and the 3rd grade would have math. They would have (including me) a hundred math problems.

That would be my great hundredth day OF SCHOOL!

balance and motion

In science my class and I are learning about balance and motion. What does balance and motion mean?  It means that things are always moving and that we can measure how they are moving.  If they are not moving then they are balanced until something makes them unbalanced and then they move.  In class we are making experiments with crayfish and tops and ramps so let me give you some examples;


Things which are not moving are and are in balance.  Things can be balanced in many different ways.  All things can have equilibrium , they have equal weight on both sides of their center so the thing that is in balance will not fall over. If the objects is out of balance add weight to the unbalanced side and that  is what makes it come back into balance.  For example , my class and I did an experiment which was with balancing paper. I had a stick and I put on this shape with counter weights to see if it could balance.  In that same period we did an experiment with paper crayfish. We started by  finding the point of balance.  We then made the crayfish unbalanced and added counterweights to bring the crayfish back in balance.


All things move and they move in different ways.  Things move when a force is put on them. Two kinds of forces are push and pull.  One example of pull is gravity.   Gravity is a pulling force because that force just pulls things down to the ground.   It is also like the experiment we did with rolling an object down a ramp (by the way the first scientist who did this was Galileo).

Pushing is a force that is like  when you push a tire swing or when you spin a top.  When you spin a top  it is just like a tornado though somehow different. spinning_top A top has a force that keeps it up with speed.  When the top slows down, it will fall over.

I am looking for more about balance and motion- I think it is fun and interesting.