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Sighting the International Space Station

A couple nights ago we were walking our dog when a jogger told us in passing that the International Space Station would be visible flying across the heavens in the night sky at 8:25 that evening.  We decided to come back out after 8 and have a look.

Given its speed, it would only take a minute until it would disappear behind the Oakland Hills so we would have to pay close attention.

I had not seen the space station in my whole entire life so I was not sure what to look for. I watched the time closely on my watch until finally the time was right and the space station really appeared!  A gleaming white star that was shaped like a “T”  hung over the sky for the most amazing minute ever.  It was so cool.  Just the fact that you could see it from your backyard made it so real for something that  I knew was the International Space Station.

Here is a picture of The International Space Station in SPACE

The International Space Station